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Technology is notorious for engrossing people so much that they don't always focus on balance and enjoy life at the same time.

Ideas to Buying a Network Interface Card

unduhan-1An NIC, or a network interface card, or a network interface controller, or a network adapter, is an electronic circuit which is used for connecting a computer to a network.

These days, for an average Joe, buying electronic hardware has become a nightmare. As soon we open any online shopping portal and enter our keywords, we are greeted with too many results matching our search terms. If you too do not have much interest in electronic or computer hardware, then it is likely that you are perplexed with the number of choices you have.

One such piece of equipment is the network interface card. This card can be used to connect a computer to a hub, a modem, a router, etc. These network devices may in turn connect the computer to a PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN or the Internet. Before we turn to the points to consider before buying one, let’s first try to understand the basic types of NICs.

Types of NIC
Based on the type of medium that network interface controllers use for communication within a network, they are broadly classified into 2 categories:

Ethernet Network

AMD Phenom II Vs. Intel i7

amd-vs-intelThe Phenom and i7 family of processors are the latest buzz in the personal computing market. But before we explore them, let’s find out more about their parent companies, which are AMD and Intel respectively. Both these are manufacturers of world-class processors, and share a global market. However, without a doubt, Intel is the more popular one among the two, having much higher sales figures.

The AMD Phenom II X6 is the latest processor by AMD, while the Core i7 is the latest from Intel’s factory. Here, we will try to find out which one between the two proves to be the fastest and the best.

AMD Phenom II X6

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is an American multinational company which manufactures computer processors and other related computer peripherals. They have been around for a long time producing really good processors. Some of the notable ones among these include the AMD Athlon, AMD Sempron, and the latest one – the AMD Phenom II.

The new breed of AMD processors, the Phenom II, are faster and meaner than the previous ones. They have a multi-core architecture, which makes

Tips to Upgrade Graphics Card

unduhanThe graphics card is also known as video card, graphic controller, graphics accelerator or display card. It is a PCB (printed circuit board) that has three major components. These components are video memory, video BIOS, and graphics processing unit.

The graphics card should be changed if it gives a poor performance or if you want more speed options for the computer games. In the first case, you need to verify that it is the reason for the poor performance and not the computer. To do this, use the scan disk or defragmentation options and look for bad sectors on the hard disk. You can also try using other ways to speedup your computer. If they do not work, you can conclude that the lowered performance is due to the faulty working of the card. Once it has been established that the graphics card is responsible for the low speed, you should upgrade it.

Some video cards are integrated in the motherboard and some are externally connected to the computer. Older versions of motherboards used a PCI (peripheral computer Interconnect) slot in order to plug-in

Guide to Choose a Good CPU Fan

Did You Know?
The latest in the world of CPU coolers is the heat pipe technology, and it is highly efficient.

The central processing unit (CPU) of your computer can generate large amounts of heat, which if not dissipated properly, can damage the internal components, rendering your computer useless. For the smooth functioning of your computer, you must ensure that you have a proper cooling system in place, that can effectively dissipate the heat generated and keep your system cool.

The cooling system for your processor consists of a heat sink and a fan. The fan is attached to the heat sink, which is a block with numerous fins. The heat generated by the CPU is dissipated by the fins of the heat sink, and the airflow created by the movement of the blades of the fan helps to speed up the process.

Choosing a Good CPU Fan

It helps to know that the heat sink and fan that come with a new CPU are mostly of average quality, and only do a fair job in cooling your system. If you want a computer that works silently, or if your computer has been overheating of late, then it’s

How to Choose a Graphics or Drawing Tablet

Who is the Leader?
Wacom is the market leader when it comes to graphics tablets. It offers 42 products and accessories, whereas all the other companies combined only offer 15. In 2013, Wacom had a market share of 92.3% in Japan and 80% in the rest of the world.
A graphics tablet is also known as a drawing tablet or a digitizer. It is an input device that replicates the act of drawing on a paper with a pencil or pen. But when you draw with a graphics tablet, a flat pressure-sensitive pad replaces the paper, and a stylus replaces the pencil or pen. We can use a graphics tablet to input hand-drawn illustrations, text, and also signatures. Once the input is captured, it is sent to the computer via an interface (mostly USB) where it is converted to digital format and sent to a CAD (computer-aided design) application for further processing.

In this article, we give you some tips to choose the right graphics tablet according to your needs.

Pointers for Buying a Graphics or Drawing Tablet
Pressure Sensitivity and Accuracy of Input

● As we mentioned earlier, the input is sent through a pad that is sensitive

Developments in Technology

For some people, technology and the latest gadgets signify something far more important than just buying products to improve their image and self-esteem. Amongst us, there are true lovers of technology who just cannot wait to get their hands on the next best gadget that comes rolling out. Needless to say, for some, these gadgets cost a mini fortune, whereas for others, it is incomprehensible why someone would spend so much money on such purchases. When we look around us today, we see technology all over the place. Our lives are being taken over by these modern gizmos and gadgets, but we must take this with a pinch of salt. New developments in technology and consumer electronics are created with the sole purpose of simplifying our lives, and it is entirely in our hands to decide what we do with these products. That being said, let’s look at some new developments in the field of science and technology.

Technology means different things to different people, and everyone has their own set of preferences when it comes to such things. There are plenty of areas where one can look for the newest gadgets, and here, we try to provide a

Information about Computer I/O Devices Tips

The computer is no more a luxury, but a necessity in the 21st century. In fact, science has expanded its horizons to such an extent that the desktop computer could be added amongst the list of outdated technology!! Today, operating systems and software configurations are available on smartphones and tablets, while LED monitor screens, laptops, and better microprocessor technology has replaced the desktop computer. Despite the improvement, one still requires input and output devices to communicate with this machine. The article below explains the use and functionality of these devices in detail.

An Introduction
I/O is a collection of interfaces that different units of an operational processing system used to communicate to each other.
Inputs are the signals received by those units, while outputs are the sent signals.
I/O devices are used by people or by other systems to communicate with the computer.
Usually, these outputs are called ‘results’ and they can be addressed to people or can be used for guiding some other machines and robots.
For instance, in the industrial robot’s case, the most important output device is the one that sends all the detailed signals about the mechanical signals to the robot – signals which the

How to Sound Card Not Working

A sound card, also known as an audio card, is a device that produces sound, for gaming and entertainment purposes, in a computer system. A sound card can be an on-board card, in the form of a codec chip; or enabled using a plug-and-play external card. However, plug-and-play external cards are not common, and most systems these days come with sound chips embedded on the motherboard.

If your sound card is not working, figuring out what went wrong with it can be cumbersome. The problems can range from something as simple as the speakers not being connected, to something which might need the card or the chip to be replaced. However, before getting yourself a new card or motherboard, a step-by-step approach which iterates the many possibilities behind sound card failure is recommended.

Basic Troubleshooting

Sometimes the most fundamental problems tend to get neglected. In a state of panic, we start deliberating about major glitches, totally ignoring the basics. So, always start there – at the basics. Before concluding that your sound card is not working, try one of these quick-fix stabs:

Try restarting your computer. Believe it or not, most electronic devices require just a restart or two to mend back

TV Tuner Card for PC

Imagine if you could catch your favorite show while chatting with your friends about it. Wouldn’t it be great? Well, a TV tuner card can make this happen for you. Now, you don’t have to fight with your family member for the TV remote anymore. Just plug in an external TV tuner card or install an internal one and enjoy watching the idiot box right in the comforts of your bedroom. And that too, without letting anyone know. If someone happens to catch you watching something on your computer screen, then just say, it’s downloaded stuff or something that you are watching online. Now you must wondering what this TV tuner card thing is all about and how soon can you get your hands on it. So here’s some important information that you should know before purchasing a TV tuner card.

Till the 20th century, a computer was thought of an analytical machine. Gradually, a few entertainment features were added to it, therefore enhancing its capability and use. A TV tuner card is one such invention that has changed the definition of a computer. It is a processing machine, but also extends further to provide more entertainment than a television set.

Tips to Buying a Used Mac Keyboard and Mouse

Apple is a name that is synonymous with great quality and brilliant design. Unfortunately, it is also a name synonymous with over-priced products. The Apple keyboard and mouse in particular have a very clean-cut and ergonomic design. You don’t need to lose heart though, you could get to see the Apple and eat it too! That is, of course, if you’re willing to make do with used or refurbished peripherals. These cost almost half as much as the brand new ones and are just as good.

Apple tends to release a new updated version of most of their computer peripherals every now and then, so you stand to get a very good bargain on a keyboard/mouse that is just a few months old. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while looking around for a used Mac keyboard and mouse.

Aesthetics Check

  • Check to see if there is any visible physical damage or loose parts on the
  • keyboard/mouse. Remember though, minor scuffs or scratches will not affect the functionality of the device. You stand to get the best deal on keyboards/mice that have a few cosmetic issues but work great.
  • In case of a wired peripheral, make sure that

Tips to Access Your Computer’s BIOS Setup

What happens when you turn on your PC? Lights come on the keyboard and monitor, the computer’s brand logo may appear on the screen, then the operating system loading message appears. This is all occurring on screen, but in the background, your computer is actually powering on and preparing its external and internal parts. Many assume the Operating System (OS) is the first program a computer loads and operates on but the actual start-up program is the BIOS.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System, which is inbuilt in every PC during manufacturing and is loaded, run and executed when you press the power ON button of your PC. The BIOS is a sort of firmware interface for a computer. Different components, such as pen drives, graphics card, keyboard and mouse and disc drives attached to a computer, need to be initialized and identified to the computer. The BIOS does this in the form of a check-list (“turn USB ports on”, done) and this procedure is known as POST (power-on self-test). The operating system itself is a program, which needs to be loaded and executed. This too is performed by the BIOS, which locates the OS program on the computer’s

Odeas to Buying a Webcam

When it comes to electronics shopping, one cannot depend on instincts, price or trends. Today’s trend can end up being tomorrow’ bust. Plus callbacks and product returns can happen to any gadget. Pricing is often misleading. You can end up paying a lot more than necessary for something which could be replaced tomorrow. With electrical devices, one needs to be well-versed in specs. Specs or specifications can help you understand whether that device is right for you in the first place.

A camera with a low resolution is of no use to a nature photographer, who needs detailed images. Similarly a high-end camera with enhanced zoom, is not the device for your average soccer mom. One such ambiguous device is the webcam. Capturing video and transmitting it online for someone somewhere else to view is the webcameras basic function. But when buying a webcam, there are certain specs and points to keep in mind. Read on to learn how to pick the best webcam for your PC.

5 Tips for Buying a Webcam

1. Buy Based on Hardware
Based on what they are going to be connected to, webcams can be differently designed. Most laptops nowadays have a built-in webcam but

Ways to Easily Update your Computer’s BIOS

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System, and it is typically a software that is embedded on the motherboard of a system. It controls the hardware such as disk drives, keyboard, mouse, display settings, pen drive etc., that are attached to it, and sends the information to the Operating System (OS) of a computer. Motherboard is the center of coordination in a computer that unites the hardware of the system and enables communication between each other. Any upgrades that are required in a computer depends on the type of the motherboard and its inbuilt features.

What is Computer’s BIOS?

The computer’s BIOS is basically an EEPROM, which stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. EEPROM is a non-volatile memory which means that, the information which is stored can be retained later even when it is not powered. EEPROM can be modified by the user, and can be erased and reprogrammed. Most of its components are not serviceable, as it is soldered to the motherboard. The firmware i.e., the coded instruction in the BIOS can be updated or upgraded. In modern computers, it is inbuilt on a chip called CMOS, which stands for ‘complementary metal oxide semiconductor’. The common type of EEPROM

Guide to Install a Liquid Cooling System

Liquid cooling systems have been used to cool cars since eons and seemingly, it also happens to be the way to cool your computer. Yes, it is true that computers today are designed to emit less heat, but integrated circuits are integrated circuits; they are bound to radiate heat in generous proportions. The joys of overclocking are way too many to be caged under the restriction of heat generation. Having yawned over air coolers, it is time to move on to a slicker option – that is liquid cooling.

Components of a Liquid Cooling System

The liquid coolant comes first, and a popular option is distilled water. Chemical additives (antifreeze solutions) give it that snazzy color and help lower the temperature of the water, increasing its effectiveness. An interesting variant is liquid nitrogen. With a boiling temperature of -196°C, it beats water in every aspect. But the recommended use of liquid nitrogen is strictly for smaller overclocking sessions. A reservoir is the tank that stores the coolant. You need a pump that helps the liquid to flow smoothly. This pump is available in variations that help you fix it outside the reservoir, or submerge it. The radiator is used to

Computer Hardware Basics

There are different types of computer hardware, and of course, it would have been undoubtedly simple to deal with one hardware at a time and find out the problems associated with it. However, we know that when anything in our machine goes wrong, we are not completely aware of what exactly has happened, or rather, which part is causing the problem. So, I have decided that I will present to you the article in such a way that, we take up the problem first and then go for the troubleshooting, rather than taking a look at the hardware and the problem that it can cause.

Problem #1: Computer Does Not Start at All
If your computer does not get powered up at all, then the problem is very obvious. It has something to do with its power supply system.

Troubleshooting Procedure
This is one of the procedures that can either be very simple or can go way beyond your capability to solve. The solution may be as simple as replacing the power cable with a new one or as complicated as dealing with the SMPS of the machine. The SMPS is the Switched Mode Power Supply, the box at the upper left

Ideas to Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

In an age where computers are being used for everything ranging from communication to cooking and from entertainment to education, you simply cannot afford to remain ignorant about it anymore. Change is inevitable. Times change, situations change, and so do we. Updating our knowledge and skills is a must if we wish to keep up with the world. On that note, here are some computer hardware basics to welcome you into this wonderful technological world.

Basics for Beginners

It is essential to understand the fundamentals of hardware before moving on to any high level technical stuff. A typical computer system has 2 very basic components:
CPU (central processing unit)
Of course, in order to actually be able to use the system, you input devices, like the keyboard or mouse. Other devices, such as joysticks, game pads, game controllers, etc., also fall into the category of input devices. The monitor is nothing but an output device (or a display device) whose purpose is to display all the information to the user. Monitors can be categorized as:
CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors
flat screen monitors.
CRT monitors are the box-like monitors that have been around since the last 10-15 years. Flat

Sound Card Installation

If you know how to install sound card on your computer, you will be able to listen to all sorts of audio files. Music files, videos, movies, and audio-enhanced presentations are just some of the files that you can enjoy if you have it on your machine. Most computers that are available in the market today already have it on them, but sometimes you may need to install one.

Laptop computers do not provide you the option to open them up at will, and doing so nullifies the warranty. So, laptops will always have the best possible sound card installed in them when you buy them. On the other hand, desktop computers can be opened any time you wish. If you know how to install one, all you need to do is open up the machine and go ahead with it; it is as easy as it gets, and it only takes a few minutes.


First of all, you need to be clear about why you are installing this card. If you are facing problems, try some other solutions before you set out to replace it. But, if your computer does not have one at all, then you surely need

Computer Hardware Engineering Tips

In simple words, computer hardware engineers are people, who take care of all computer hardware maintenance, they are assigned to. To enter this field, one obligatorily needs to have strong technical knowledge of computers. A software computer engineer may not know much about computer hardware, but a computer hardware engineer is well aware of how software works. This knowledge helps him solve hardware problems more efficiently and responsively.

Professionals in this field are responsible for carrying out research, contriving, participating in the development, and examining the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of all computer hardware. They are directly related to the care and maintenance of computer chips, motherboards, network components and devices, servers, databases, keyboards, modems, printers, scanners, and many more computer peripherals. The speedy advancements in information technology are predominately the outcomes of hardworking efforts made by these professionals.

Due to a rapid change in several technologies, computer hardware engineers are required to update their knowledge base accordingly, so that they can provide every possible service to their clients and customers. In this regards, they are offered technical trainings by companies which they work in. Companies also allow continuing technical education to upgrade their knowledge and skills. This all is

Tips and Tools Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

The computer hardware includes devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner, etc. All are machines and are bound to face technical issues at some point or the other. However, you can perform some basic computer troubleshooting tips to make them functional. If they don’t seem to work with the troubleshooting tools, you need to send them for hardware repair. The paragraphs below offer some quick tips for the various hardware devices.


  • If the monitor is not working, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that it has been turned on by pressing the on/off button.
    Next, check if the cable, which connects the computer monitor and the
  • CPU is connected properly. If not, connect it in a proper manner, or remove and plug it in again.
  • Also, make sure that the cord, which is used to power the monitor is plugged in the UPS the right way.
  • If these tactics do not work, you need to check both the cables on a different monitor, which is in a working condition.
  • If the other monitor doesn’t work with any one of the cords, that cable needs to be replaced. If the other monitor works with both cords,

How to Repair and Maintenance Computer Hardware

What is computer hardware? Hardware components like the monitor, keyboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), mouse, and other I/O (Input-Output) devices constitute a computer. The working of the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and I/O devices depends largely upon the CPU. Due to some minor causes, like loose connections or dust saturation, any of them can stop functioning.

Faults occurring in the CPU are most hazardous, as it has a very complicated structure. The CPU is an assembly of the motherboard, hard disk drive (HDD), random access memory (RAM), compact disc-read only memory (CD-ROM) drive, and the floppy drive. Unless you are well-acquainted with the CPU hardware, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly where the fault has occurred. If any one of these components fail to perform, there are a few repair tips that can be followed. In order to view the circuitry inside the CPU, its casing has to be removed.

The entire functioning of the computer depends on this component. The processor chipset, that performs all the logical operations of the PC, is embedded in the motherboard. Ribbon cables, power supply, CPU, and RAM are the things to be checked first on the motherboard. Check if any of the